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Transforming the Value-Chain in Healthcare!

The pharmaceutical market is undergoing fundamental change. Technological advances, market shifts and vast changes to the way customers engage with 'big pharma' are causing pharma companies to reconsider their market positioning, perception of value and supply chain operations.

Many suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry are failing to grasp these fundamental changes, and are continuing to market their products and services to big pharma customers in the same way as they did a decade ago. Without understanding pharma's new perception of value-creation - including the development of durable supplier/buyer partnerships, and frameworks that drive performance and innovation - suppliers run the risk of continuing to 'sell science at bargain prices'.

Growing U.S. Outpatient Pharmaceutical Spending
Consolidation and Changes in Pharmacy Industry Market Structure
New Vertical Relationships with Large Retail Drugstores
The Promise and Peril of Specialty Drugs
The Changing Generic Marketplace

Products and Services

Over the last several years, a lot has been written about the changing relationship landscape between buyer and seller, particularly when we consider relationships that are as deep and as complicated as ones that involve the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug substance.

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Over 80 manufacturers

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What we are committed to

Our Mission

Proven Consulting, LLC is an emerging pharmaceutical consulting firm dedicated to providing leading services to independent pharmacies and physicians.

We focus on implementing proficiency with the latest market and industry updates, best pricing for their specific company demands, expert product knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of our ability to offer assistance and answer your questions .

Our Vision

Proven Consulting, LLC will become a one stop shopping company for all our pharmacies and physician’s needs. We represent high quality manufacturers and distributors to fulfill all the demands of our clients.

Pharmacies and Physicians will be able to purchase oral medications, medical supplies and injectable medications. As with every prospering company our primary goal is to excel in providing excellent customer service to our clients.

Why Us

Proven Consulting, LLC eliminates the hard work of price shopping by providing the prices of multiple distributors on our website.

We provide fast easy secure shopping for our customers. Proven has experience pharmaceutical reps on hand to assist on any questions our clients have. Excellent customer service and great pricing is Proven Consulting's main goal.

  • Buyers

    We are the leading providers of comprehensive value management

    "Proven Consulting, LLC is working diligently to become your one stop shopping center for your medical needs. Our trained staff’s main focus is to give your company outstanding customer assistance."

    Soon we will have our website set up so that you will have links to our distributors and manufacturers. With this beneficial addition, you will be able to shop at your leisure and we will provide you with assistance when desired or required.

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  • Sellers

    We offer Cost and Risk Reduction Strategies in Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Distribution

    We offer a one-stop shop that connects your company to a dynamic marketplace of pharmaceutical companies and we do it in a way that will enhance not restrict your current ordering process. You set the rules and we find the pharmacy.

    Your data is safe. We process thousands of transactions every day and our entire site is SSL secure, which means you can be absolutely confident that your orders are being protected by the highest level of Internet security available.

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